Published on February 24, 2015

The Loveless Café Dining at this Nashville institution is family style, meaning that you’ll be asked to pass the platters of fried chicken, hush-puppies, creamed-corn, hash-brown casserole, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and biscuits down the table after you load your plate. Eating at the loveless is a near religious experience: Biting into one of their feather light biscuits is sheer bliss, and the pies are just heavenly.



The Parthenon This impressive gallery was designed to be an exact full sized replica of the Greek Parthenon (well, as close as archeologists in the 1920’s, when it was built, could imagine). Inside you’ll find a gold-plated statue of Athena that’s the tallest indoor structure in the Western world, standing at just under 13 metres high, as well as various collections of art and photography.



The Ryman Auditorium From Johnny Cash to Tammy Wynette to just about every country music star you can think of has played on stage at the Ryman, and The Grand Ole Opry still plays here four months of the year (the rest of the time it lives out of the Opryland Theatre, which is some 20 minutes outside of town). Whether you go to catch a show, or explore the beautiful memorabilia filled theatre, visiting is a must.


The Country Music Hall of Fame The musical scope of this museum goes far beyond country crooners, and it is absolutely fascinating. There are classic exhibits such as Elvis’s gold piano and Cadillac, guitars from Johnny Cash, “Mother Maybelle” Carter and other influential musicians, numerous outfits of note (including the jaw-droppingly revealing red dress worn by Reba McEntire at the 1993 Country Music Awards) and more gold records than you could ever take the time to read the labels on.


Cheekwood, This private estate of the family behind Maxwell House coffee, is a resplendent example of grandiose southern architecture set in 55 acres of glorious botanical gardens. Inside you’ll find an impressive collections of American art, and seasonal exhibits to explore. (Most of Cheekwood is accessible, though some areas of the house and gardens may be more difficult to access.)


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