Published on October 24, 2014 by Lola Augustine Brown

For lovers of antique and classic vehicles, there are few car shows that offer as much as the Daytona Beach Turkey Run. At last year’s event, there were more than 6000 beautiful cars on display or for sale at this fun and very family friendly event. Whatever you’re into, so long as it was built before 1980 or is a very special example of automotive engineering, you’re bound to find it on display here. From Corvettes to Ford Model-Ts, Porches to classic Chevys, there are so many cars that you’ll need to buy a three day pass if you hope to explore them all.



This year is the 41st Daytona Beach Turkey Run, and it will be happening from November 27th through 30th in the infield of the Daytona International Speedway. More than just a car show, there’s also a massive swap meet too selling all kinds of car parts, memorabilia, hand-crafted art, and antiques. This event offers tons of different food vendors, and a sound-system provides entertainment throughout. As a recent addition, there’s a new Arts and Fashion Bazaar to explore too.





What really makes this event special though is the people that it draws to Daytona. The car owners love their vehicles with a passion that seems to rub off on you as you chat with them, as they share stories about how they found their dream car and the work that they’ve done to get it to that perfect cherry condition. Chatting with the enthusiasts is all part of the fun, and you’ll find that throughout the whole time that the Daytona Beach Turkey Run is happening local businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and hosting car shows in their parking lots and throwing fun themed events to coincide with it.





 If you’re yet to visit Daytona Beach, then the Turkey Run is a great excuse to do so, and then you can discover the other delights that this gorgeous city has to offer. The long white sandy beaches are spectacular, there’s a fabulous old boardwalk complete with Ferris wheel, as well as lots of natural attractions. Manatees and dolphins hang out around the beaches and inlets, and if you’re into fishing then there are plenty of charter companies that will take you out fishing for barracuda and tuna.




Car racing aficionados love Daytona because of the rich history there – races started running on the beach in 1932, and moved to the Speedway in 1958. You can still get a drink and a feed at Racing’s North Turn, a bar/ restaurant that still sits on the original beach track and has tons of photographs and memorabilia for visitors to enjoy. But, if cars and racing isn’t your thing then Daytona Beach offers plenty of cultural attractions, including a surprising number of excellent art museums, and North America’s biggest flea market too. Daytona Beach really is an excellent vacation destination, whether you’re heading there for the Turkey Run or not.



Scootaround provided 800+ scooters to the Daytona Turkey Run last year, and is set to rent even more for this year’s event. If you’re planning to attend you might want to save your feet and rent a scooter with Scootaround – the infield at the Daytona International Speedway covers a massive 180 acres so that’s a lot of ground to cover if you want to see it all. Contact us to book your mobility scooter in advance for this fantastic event. 



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