10% Discount on custom mobility lighting kits from WheelchairFX

wheelchair fx custom lightsScootaround is proud to offer you a special 10% discount on a custom mobility lighting kit from WheelchairFX. This innovative accessory enhances the look of your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair while adding an increased level of safety when riding at nighttime or in low light conditions.

These lighting kits were engineered to provide riders with the enhanced visibility they need, and the custom styling they deserve!

Client Testimonial....."I LOVE my new lighting effects. I purchased them with “looks” in mind, but am now realizing the added safety benefits. Going out in public is less worrisome for me, thanks to WheelchairFX!" Jason Stamos

Visit the WheelchairFX website below to choose your model and remember to ask for your special Scootaround Customer discount price!

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