The Scootaround Referral Number program (SRN) rewards members of the Hospitality industry with cash rewards when they refer successful rentals to Scootaround's wheelchair, scooter, and power chair rental service. The SRN program is free and is available to all members of the concierge, hospitality, or travel industry which includes hotel chains, travel agents, transportation providers and hospitals.

You Refer – We Reward!

Program Details:

  • Referring agents will each earn up to $10.00 for each completed Scooter or Powerchair rental and $5.00 for a manual wheelchair rental, based on a 3 day minimum rental period.
  • The SRN number must be supplied at the time the equipment is booked in our system.
  • Commissions are based on completed rentals only. No commissions will be paid out for cancelled bookings.
  • Commissions are reconciled at the end of the month for rentals that have been completed during the month.
  • Cheque will be mailed to the address show in the payment information section of the application form.

Simply complete our SRN Application Form below and once we process your information we will provide you with your unique Scootaround Referral Number (SRN). Each time this number is used when booking a mobility rental, Scootaround will record your commissions and pay you at the end of each period. 

Apply Now!

To begin receiving rewards, click here to sign up today! If you have any additional questions about the services please contact us at 1-888-441-7575 ext 6270.