GADA Wheelchair Seat Belt - Go Anywhere, Do Anything!

Scootaround is proud to offer you a special 10% discount on a GADA Wheelchair Seat Belt, the invaluable device that replaces hard plastic side guards and single-strap sports belts.

Named after the company’s motto Go Anywhere, Do Anything™, The GADA Belt is a soft, secure, waterproof side guard set/clothing protector for manual wheelchairs that is also used as a sports belt, and is great for maintaining proper seating posture.

For active wheelchair users and business men and women that need to look professional, the GADA Belt also keeps clothing clean & dry, and is a great way to keep business jackets neatly tucked in.

Creator Testimonial.....“The GADA Belt was born from ten years of personal experimentation after many falls and after ruining pair after pair of pants. As active as I am, I really felt like I needed a seat belt for my chair,” - Craig Kennedy, President of Access Anything.

Visit the Access Anything websites below to view more information and to order your very own GADA Belt. Enter “Scoot2010” into the coupon code box at checkout to get your 10% discount! or

Access Anything Wheelchair Seat Belt Discount

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